WIND RIDERS is a feature length documentary that explores the art and sport of hot-air ballooning and the thrilling - and often dangerous - sport of gas balloon racing.

While one pilot enthusiastically channels the inspiring message of Jonathan Livingston Seagull during gentle flights over the stunning upstate NY countryside, two avid competitors take to the skies, boldly crossing continents and oceans in an epic and high-risk quest to defend their world title.

The film follows the championship team during the Gordon Bennett Cup, a prestigious competition that attracts the world’s most skilled and daring pilots.

A story of poignancy, grace and fortitude, Wind Riders unearths the rare beauty and unexpected human drama of a sport unfamiliar to many.

Director & Producer
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Executive Producer
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Emi Katayama
Michael Rosen
Ramin Fathie
Emi Katayama
Jonathan Baudoin

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